​Welcome to Foxwater Farm

We are a Christian family residing in central Ohio.  ​We were married in 1973, our first daughter was born in 1974 and our second in 1977.  That same year we began our search for a family dog.  In the age before the internet, we conducted our search via conversations with other dog owners and veterinarians; as well as researching AKC literature on different dog breeds.  We were looking for a laid-back, easily trainable, social dog that would be good with small children.  The Golden Retriever appeared to be the perfect choice.  We visited breeders and soon came home with our very first dog; a Golden Retriever name Joshua.  The Golden Retriever turned out to indeed be the perfect choice!  And since that day we have always had Goldens in our life. 

As our family grew so did our family of Golden Retrievers. For the last 40 years have been true advocates for this breed and its beauty inside and out. We are working to create the most healthy genetic line of Golden Retriever. 

Foxwater Farm is located just outside of London, Ohio. The picturesque 20 acre property is bordered by Oak Run and overlooks a lake that has been great for fishing.The property also houses multiple tree orchards seasonal produce gardens.

We are so blessed to have our current lines of dogs from different parts of the world. We continue to keep a healthy line of dogs that are easy working as therapy dogs, passing the Canine Good Citizen programs with ease and even competing in competitive dog computations like Agility, Disc, Rally and Obedience. 

We are additionally proud to announce one of the puppies we produced became an International Champion in the conformation ring. He also earned a first place and Best of Opposite as a year and a half old puppy beating much older males. 

Golden Retrievers of Foxwater Farm