​Welcome to Foxwater Farm

Golden Retrievers of Foxwater Farm

Puppies headed to their forever homes with their new families!

Such a wonderful day for everybody.

We are excited about our next litter of adorable puppies.  Their mother will be Buster and Nanqu will be their father. We are expecting Buster's and Nanqu's puppies to be born March 14th. They will be ready to go home with you around May 9th.

We are also excited about Bianca and Nanqu next litter. She is due March 1st. They will be ready to go home April 26th

We expect these litterto be just as wonderful as our other litters, with puppies that are beautiful, outgoing, confident, and loving.  

Health testing has been done on all of our parents including hips, elbows, eyes, heart, and DNA testing.  Hips, elbows, eyes, and heart have all come back clear/good, and DNA testing shows that all our parents are free from any genetic abnormalities.

If you are interested in adding one of our beautiful puppies from this upcoming litter to your family, you can contact us at any time and for a $500 deposit we will add your name to the "hold" list.  This list is first come first serve, so if you are the first to put in a deposit then you will get the first pick of the gender of your choice.

                          This is Bianca

These are Bianca's puppies from her last litter.

          This is Buster